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How To Add Fake Members In Telegram Channel


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Buy Telegram Channel Views


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Telegram Buy Members


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Telegram Buy Members


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Fake Telegram Subscribers


hannels get fake telegram members?

This can be done easily and at no cost, only occasionally. As I mentioned above, this can be done using existing virtual numbers.

Types of Telegram Fake Subscribers ?

Virtual Number Member: This type of fake member is created through virtual and unreal numbers.

Telegram virtual and fake numbers are created through the software and a Telegram account is created with them.

Finally, these virtual numbers will be added to your channel through T-Data software.

This type of member generates traffic when it enters the channel, but after that it will not follow any activity and visit.

They will not last more than one to two months.

Because Telegram Company identifies fake accounts and removes them.

Think about removing all these members from your channel in a matter of minutes at once, this can have a bad effect on your audience.


Fake member of the soul: This type of member is actually real, but due to the way it is edited, we call it fake.

With the spread of Telegram and due to the open source nature of this messenger, many companies in the world have designed a beautiful skin with more features than Telegram and they published and tried to attract users to themselves.

One of the things that some of these software do is force their users into the Telegram channels.

In this way, after receiving the tariff amount, the members are automatically added to your channel and this snake is done in a way that the registered user is not informed.

This means that the channels that have been edited in this way cannot be seen in the list of channels in that application, unless it uses the main telegram.

This type of ed member is called a soul member.

This type of member will not generate any visits for you either during or after editing. Also, because the account is real, it is never deleted or removed from your channel, so its loss is very low.

How to edit Telegram Fake member inside the channel ?

There are various methods to increase the fake Telegram channel member, one of the most widely used is the API method or fake members.

These members are created through virtual and fake numbers and then automatically add to your channel through the software. be.

Is it worth having fake members?

In answer to this question, it should be said that a fake Telegram member can only be used for a newly established channel that has very few members and intends to advertise; And other than that, it has no other benefit, because it does not affect your visit or sales.

Suppose you have a newly established channel with only 30 members and you want to promote your channel on other channels.

Normally, when users become members of a channel, if you see that this channel has a very small number of members, they will not be persuaded to stay in the channel, and thus you will lose users.

This is where you can add a number of fake members to get your members up and running and then recruit real members.

How to identify channels that have fake members?

Identifying channels that have fake members is not easy.

In the first step, look at the number of channel members, then check a few channel posts that have been published for a few hours.

The difference between the average post views of channel members should not be too large.

Of course, do not forget that not all members of a channel are always online. For example, a channel with 10,000 members should have at least 2,000 views.

Due to the fact that some channels also buy visits, so we can not be sure in this regard.

We recommend that if you intend to advertise to a channel, first give a small ad so that you can check the actual performance of that channel.

Is there a benefit to having fake members?

Well, of course, it’s no use because its name is Method Unreal Member!

These members are registered with virtual numbers and somehow do not exist externally.

Therefore, when a post is placed on the mentioned channel, no visits are made to its posts!

So what good are these fake members?

buy telegram channel subscribers

There are some people who, after collecting fake Telegram members, receive fake visits to their channel posts to make their channel members look natural.

For example, if a channel has 10,000 members, it is natural that at least 2,000 views of its posts should be made.

Therefore, a channel that has completely unreal members has to visit Fake’s posts to make its members look natural.

How to identify channels that have fake members?

It is sometimes difficult to identify channels that have fake members. Because according to the above, the channel you want to visit its posts may also be fake.

In this case, it is difficult to know how many members of the desired channel are fake.

But normally, if, for example, a channel has 10,000 members, it is natural that it should have at least 3,000 post views. Otherwise, it is likely that the percentage of channel members in question is fake. Of course, I repeat that it is not easy to diagnose this issue!

Why Telegram Fake Member?

As I said, most people who want to make money from their telegram channel do anything to increase their channel membership.

That is why they use this method in the beginning or even later. They either buy fake members or do it themselves!

With this mindset, once they have increased their telegram members and increased the number of visits to their posts, they can enter into negotiations with other channels for exchange.

This is also a kind. In some cases, they may even succeed. And in this way, the real members of your channel can also increase.

Another suggestion of Telegram Member: Can Telegram be used as a marketing tool?

But poor people who submit their ads to these channels.

What happens when a member and visit is fake? In fact, nothing happens and there is no return or feedback for the advertiser. He just wasted his money.

Conclusion and last word

Perhaps many who do this can make a good living by lying and deceiving people.

But this method is not moral at all in my opinion. One should not do anything to earn money from the internet.

I suggest that you do not use telegram channels as much as possible to expose your ads to your audience.

There are many better places to display your ads. I was dissatisfied every time I placed my ads on Telegram channels.

If you want to place your ads on Telegram channels, make sure that the members are real and effective.

I hope you have used this article enough.

If you have a point, share it with me and other friends in the comments section of this post.

I am at your service for any questions you have about internet marketing.

If you are going to buy Telegram members, be sure to try it from reputable and old sites.

Because recently there are sites that sell Telegram fake members.


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