You can easily protect your Telegram account from hackers. Telegram is one of the most secure social media in the world and is recommended for users who want to use a secure platform. But there are easy and quick solutions if you use them, your Telegram user account will be completely safe because if someone can break into your Telegram, they will have access to all your personal information, chats, and Telegram channels. So let’s save our account from hackers!

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How to secure a Telegram account?

If you are wondering how to secure your Telegram account? The first thing you should pay attention to is that you keep the code sent by Telegram completely personal and not share it with others. By giving this code to others, you have easily allowed them to be hacked and you do not have a secure account.


How do we find out if Telegram is hacked?

Knowing whether your Telegram account has been hacked or not depends on how it was hacked. Of course, if you have not secured your account, the risk of hacking increases. Generally, when someone hacks your account, your login is compromised. Hackers can easily access unsecured Telegram accounts. If you think cybercriminals spend hours typing in random passwords and username combinations to make a good guess, you’re wrong. Today’s hacking techniques are much more advanced and can use hardware and software to launch a successful attack in minutes or just seconds. If your password and username are predictable, like password123 or your mobile number, you make it very easy for hackers. Usually, after being hacked, your access to your account will be blocked and you will not be able to use it. Since Telegram has access to your files and contact numbers, some hackers may also penetrate your mobile phone. For this reason, be sure to use the mentioned solutions and prevent your account from being hacked.

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How to protect Telegram from hacking?

The good news is that Telegram has provided its users with ways to make their accounts more secure. People who are concerned about their information can use the following tips.


Enable two-step verification

To be able to enter your Telegram account, you must enter your mobile number and receive a password. After entering this password, you will be able to access your account. But by activating the two-step password, after entering the received password, you must also enter a password chosen by yourself. This feature greatly increases the security of your account. That’s because if someone wants to hack your account, even knowing your phone number, they won’t be able to do it. Follow the steps below to activate this Telegram feature.

Step 1: First, enter the settings section and then privacy and security.
Step 2: Enter the two-step password in the security section.
Step 3: Set a strong password, preferably new, and you must enter it twice.
Step 4: Enter your email and confirm the sent message.

If you forget this password, your account may be reset and you may lose your information, so it is better to keep this password in mind.


secret chat

Secret chat is a very special feature. It is recommended to use secret chat for very private chats or conversations with people you do not know. In general, messages sent on social networks are often not encrypted. This is annoying for many users. Most people do not want to be aware of the content of their accounts. Telegram has this by default. But this application has provided its users with the possibility of sending interpersonal messages in a completely private and unencrypted manner to increase the security of Telegram. You have to activate the secret chat from inside the chat screen with the person you want. Click on the three dots next to the image and select the hidden chat option. You can set a time for messages to self-destruct. Also, it is not possible to take a screenshot of the secret chat, which greatly increases your security.

Secret chat features include:

  • Use end- to- end encryption
  • Leave no trace on our servers
  • Have a self-destruct timer
  • Do not allow forwarding


Use a strong password

It may have happened to you that you left your mobile phone without a password. To reduce the risk of accessing your Telegram information, it is better to set the password lock for this application. To solve this problem, Telegram has provided the possibility of creating a password in the form of a PIN, fingerprint, etc. Of course, it also depends on the features of your mobile phone. We recommend setting a different password from your phone to be more secure.


Ignore fake messages and don’t click on any links

We all have received fake messages and malicious links and we are very familiar with them. Before opening any link, make sure it is valid. Especially when you plan to buy from store channels. A practical term for it is phishing. Phishing is a way by which hackers can hack your account. They may send many fake messages to get your password. Just be aware of this issue and increase the security of your Telegram account. How? Pay attention to the sent messages that have a link and check their number. If you see something suspicious, block it.


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What are the features of Telegram and why should we use it?

People who use this medium may be familiar with some of its attractive features. Telegram is a secure messenger for communication that can be a safe store or a useful tool for business marketing. Knowing its most important features will help you make the most of it. Telegram attracts millions of new users by offering great features and continues to expand. But its most important feature is the security and privacy of users. Privacy is very important for anyone who creates an account on Telegram or plans to invest in Telegram to expand their business. This application has well understood this issue and has provided its users with a high degree of security. We also help you improve your activity in Telegram.



To protect Telegram from hackers, you must follow the mentioned solutions. Also, adjust your account privacy settings for more security. Considering the security tips, you can have an excellent experience with Telegram. We hope these tips are useful for you.